The theme of Pivot 2021 focuses on the tools that we might design and use to dismantle the structures of the current civilizational model (aka patriarchal capitalist Modernity) and to reassemble the debris into new models, converting debris into the nurturing humus for worlds in the making. By tools, we refer to not only artifacts but also to services, symbols, rules, institutions, policies, pedagogies, systems, environments, and so on (Illich 1975). Briefly, tools constitute aspects of social life that we deliberately create to (re)shape the tangible reality. We do not suggest that the entire structure of Modernity is harmful. Still, many of its tools and structures have not only failed to deliver their promises but also led us to the verge of a global ecological collapse.

Design is one of the disciplines/activities devoted to creating tools to (re)shape the world, referring to human practices of world-making. As we know it today, design refers to a particular kind of world-making practice that helped shape the modern capitalist world in which we live. Because design emerged as a recognized expertise and career path in the context of the Industrial Revolution, the foundations of our field are interwoven with the project of Modernity and its worldview. This conference is part of the movement to detach design (as a discipline and activity) from the values and beliefs of patriarchal capitalist Modernity and to redirect it towards new styles of world-making.

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