DRS International Conferences represent the general discipline of design research and have been running since 1971. All conferences follow a rigorous peer review process.

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DRS2020: Synergy
The overall theme for DRS2020 is Synergy – the coming together of people and disciplines in design research to create a positive impact. On the one hand, design research champions the uniqueness of disciplinary knowledge and creativity, yet on the other hand, the complex world we now live in demands a more synergistic approach to creativity and problem solving whereby different mindsets, backgrounds and perspectives come together to realise transformative visions of the future.
DRS2018: Catalyst
A catalyst is something that precipitates events; it is the coming together of different entities to generate something new; it is the spark for wider change. Framed by the Catalyst theme, these proceedings explore existing and emergent areas at the intersections of design research, practice, education and policy.
DRS2016: Future-Focused Thinking
The underlying premise of DRS2016 was that 50 years of design research has provided us with a sound understanding of design and a solid foundation upon which to build. The interesting questions, then, appeared to us as not so much how we do more of the same – though that of course has its place – but in how we use what we now know.
DRS2014: Design's Big Debates
The main purpose of the DRS 2014 conference is to foster and support a shared design discourse. By focusing on key big issues in design, the conference seeks to create a forum where the questions that have the potential to change the way we think and do design - its philosophy, theory, practise, methodology, education, profession and history - will be discussed and debated.
DRS2012: Uncertainty Contradiction Value
The proceedings of the 2012 Design Research Society International Conference hosted by Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Submissions covered extensive themes and emerging research that is broad in scope and depth, submitted with the conference theme of Re-Search: uncertainty, contradiction and value, in mind.
DRS2010: Design and Complexity
Open to the whole range of design disciplines and contemporary inquiries in design. The theme of Design & Complexity should be understood as a springboard for sharing ideas and concepts about contemporary design research.
DRS2008: Undisciplined!
Undisciplined! was the fourth biennial conference of the Design Research Society and an important opportunity to take stock and to attend to the new kinds of designing that are emerging to challenge our framework of specialisms and reshape our field. However this is the main conference for Design Research Society and as such was open to all research that informs or arises from designing.
DRS2006: Wonderground
Wonderground marks a new step for DRS, with more papers and more participants than at any past DRS conference. We represent a broader field than we did, and we continue to improve in quality. What we learn this year will help us to shape better conferences in the future for DRS and for the worldwide International Association of Societies of Design Research.
DRS2004: Futureground
The conference aimed to debate directions emerging from design research around the world, covering such topics as education, process/methods, interaction, practice/management, sustainability, culture philosophy and theory among many others.
DRS2002: Common Ground
The theme for this year's DRS conference is 'Common Ground'. The aim was to bring together many of the sub disciplines and sub-groups of the design research community - to present current work, to explore areas of common interest, to connect, to argue, to integrate, and to celebrate both the commonality and the diversity of our shared interests and strengths. The larger purpose is to take a significant step forward and endorse the new maturity of our international, interdisciplinary community.