The DRS Digital Library

Founded in 1966 the Design Research Society (DRS) is a learned society committed to promoting and developing design research. It is the longest established, multi-disciplinary worldwide society for the design research community and aims to promote the study of and research into the process of designing in all its many fields.

The DRS Digital Library is an archive and library of publications related to the discipline of design research. Our content goes back to the first DRS conference in 1971 which is archived here alongside current research, primarily drawn from the DRS biennial conference series.

We have kept the library as simple as possible. The bound volumes of DRS conference proceedings are listed in the "Conference Volumes" section while individual papers can be found under "Conference Papers". These top level collections are always available as links in the sidebar and a site map brings it all together on a page. As the scope of the library grows links to other material will be added to the sidebar and the site map.

There is also a list of authors which can be browsed if you are looking for someone specific. Authors of recent papers can receive monthly readership reports and anybody can set up an account which will allow them to save searches and to set up alerts on relevant new material when it is uploaded.