Conversation reports are based on events held at the conference. They are not peer reviewed.
Monday, June 25th

Conversation: A Feminine Approach to Design

Kate McEntee, Monash University, Australia
Jon Günther Andersen
Isabella Brandalise

Conversation: Adventure: expedition to Pragmatism and Inventivism in the design situation

Sander Mulder, Delft University of Technology
Stella Boess
Jonas Fritsch

Conversation: Beyond black boxes: tackling artificial intelligence as a design material

Aisling Kelliher, Virginia Tech, US
Barbara Barry
Joanna Berzowska
Nora O'Murchu
Alan Smeaton

Conversation: Design and sexism: assembling a community of care

Tanveer Ahmed, The Open University, UK
Sarah Pennington
Mathilda Tham

Conversation: Design Education as a Catalyst for Change

Donál Holland, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Ramia Mazé
Alex Milton
Ingrid Mulder
Cristiano Storni

Conversation: Divergence and convergence in graphic design and communication design

Robert Harland, Loughborough University
Kelly Veronica
Karel van der Waarde
Eamon Spelman

Conversation: HAVE WE REACHED PEAK DESIGN THINKING? Are we entering a new paradigm for how it is used within practice and business?

Michelle Douglas, Griffith University, Australia
Louise Kiernan
John Spruce
Annmarie Ryan

Conversation: How Complexity Science Can Support Design for Societal Change

Ella Jamsin, TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
Conny Bakker
Paul Hekkert

Conversation: Imagining critical practises in practise based design research: What is your ‘critical’ approach?

Shana Agid, Parsons School of Design
Sissel Olander
Yoko Akama
Tau Lenskjold

Conversation: Lexicon Live: Performing the discursive space around keywords

Liesbeth Fit, Design Academy Eindhoven Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands
Fortuyn Irene Droogleever
Paolo Patelli
Yoko Akama
Donato Ricci

Conversation: Shifting Perspectives of Aesthetics

Monica Lindh Karlsson, Umeå University
Aditya Pawar
Søren Rosenbak

Conversation: Smuggling ideologies? Inquiring into the underlying ideas embedded in design for public governance and policy-making

Maria Ferreira, Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture
Federico Vaz

Conversation: THE SNUG: A Conversation about Design Research. Imagining, embodying, assembling

Eva Verhoeven, London College of Communication
Paul Bailey
John Fass
Jaron Rowan
Marta Camps Banque

Conversation: Transforming Design: Indigeneity and Mestizaje in Latin America

Gabriela Hernández, Affiliation Organisation, University of Florida
Maria Rogal
Raúl Sánchez

Conversation: Woman-Centred Design

Teresa Almeida, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard
Sarah Homewood
Kellie Morrissey
Madeline Balaam

Conversation: ‘Conversing WITH Materials’ -How do we converse with materials and other beings to co-design equitably?

Jane Norris, Richmond University, the American University in London
Elvin Karana
Nithikul Nimkulrat

Conversation: “Is Universal Design Dead?”: Creating inclusive user experience design methods

Helen Armstrong, North Carolina State University
Elizabeth Guffey
Farnaz Nickpour
Bess Williamson

Conversations: Editorial

Sharon Prendeville, Loughborough University, London, UK
Abigail Durrant
Nora O’ Murchú
Keelin Leahy