The Nordes – Nordic Design Research – conference series started in 2005 and runs bi-annually. Nordes is an extensive network of people interested in design research and promoting the publication and dissemination of design research. An agreement for proceedings of Nordes conferences to be published in the DRS Digital Library was made in 2021.

Browse the contents of Nordes Conference Series:

Nordes 2023: This Space Intentionally Left Blank
The Nordic Design Conference 2023, held at Linköping University, Sweden, from June 11-14
Nordes 2021: Matters of Scale
The Nordic Design Conference 2021, held online, hosted at Kolding, Denmark, from August 15–18
Nordes 2019: Who Cares?
The Nordic Design Conference 2019, held at the School of Art and Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, from June 2–4
Nordes 2017: Design and Power
The Nordic Design Conference 2017, held at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway, from June 15–17
Nordes 2015: Design Ecologies
The Nordic Design Conference 2015, held at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, from June 7–10
Nordes 2013: Experiments in Design Research
The Nordic Design Conference 2013, held at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden, from June 9–12
Nordes 2011: Making Design Matter
The Nordic Design Conference 2011, held at School of Art & Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland from May 29–31
Nordes 2009: Engaging Artifacts
The Nordic Design Conference 2009 held at the The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway from August 30 – September 1
Nordes 2007: Design Inquiries
The Nordic Design Conference 2007, held at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden from May 27–30,
Nordes 2005: In the Making
The Nordic Design Conference 2005, held at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 29–31