Learn X Design is the biennial conference series organised by the Design Research Society Pedagogy Special Interest Group (PedSIG), cultivating symbiotic exchanges between design education and design research. The first symposium in the series was held in Paris in 2011 and included a number of invited presentations. The Oslo 2013 and Chicago 2015 conferences were embraced by the design education research community at large and involved an impressive number of contributions across design disciplines and educational levels.The fourth conference was hosted by Ravensbourne University London in 2017, continuing to represent diverse traditions in research and education. The history of the series and all publications can be found on the PedSIG website ( cpages/design-pedagogy-sig). The Fifth DRS Learn X Design International Conference for Design Education Researchers took place July 9-12, 2019 with the main theme “Insider Knowledge” at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

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Learn X Design 2019
The 2019 Learn X Design event was hosted by Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Industrial Design between 9-12 July 2019.