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Friday, June 17th

Automating Experience: Does the ‘automated home’ diminish or deepen user experience?

Jonathan Chapman, University of Brighton
Merryn Haines-Gadd
Jon Mason
Dzmitry Aliakseyeu

Beyond Impact: Understanding and Communicating the Value of Collaborative Design Research

Simon Bowen, Newcastle University
Roger Whitham
Chris Speed
Simon Moreton
Mariza Dima

Design and Dissent

Danielle Arets, Design Academy Eindhoven
Bas Raijmakers

Design as Symbolic Violence. Design for Social Justice

Joanna Boehnert, University of Westminster
Bianca Elzenbaumer
Dimeji Onafuwa

Futurescaping The Museum

Vince Dziekan, Monash University
George Oates
Teal Triggs
Marta Ajmar

New Technologies - New Design Research?

Katja Thoring, TU Delft
Alexander Müller-Rakow
Erik Bohemia

Non-local Situations: Speculating About Future Response-abilities of Postindustrial Design (Research)

Heather Wiltse, Umeå University
Monica Lindh Karlsson
Åsa Ståhl
Kristina Lindström
Aditya Pawar

The Future of Design education

Sapna Singh, Ohio State University, Carnegie Mellon University, Ohio State University, TU Delft, The Open University, Loughborough University
Liz Sanders
Terry Irwin
Pieter Jan Stappers
Nicole Lotz
Erik Bohemia

This Time It's Personal

Lucy Klippan, University of Technology Sydney
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer
Tasman Munro
Marcus Willcocks

Uses of Argumentation Theory and Dialogic Methods in the Design Research Process

Luke Feast, Aalto University
Stella Boess
Karel van der Waarde

Virtual and Blended Design Studios

Nicole Lotz, The Open University
Erik Bohemia
Georgy Holden
Sam Dunne
Joi Roberts

What Do Designers Have to Offer When Facing Societal Challenges?

Mascha van der Voort, University of Twente
Jacob Buur
Thomas Binder
Per Linde
Robert-Jan den Haan