These editorial papers introduce the themes covered by the papers at the conference.
Tuesday, August 11th

DRS2020 Editorial

Stella Boess
Ming Cheung
Rebecca Cain

DRS2020 Editorial: Design for Sustainability SIG

Emma Dewberry, The Open University, UK

DRS2020 Editorial: Design for Tangible, Embedded and Networked Technologies

Sarah Kettley, ECA, University of Edinburgh, The Edinburgh Futures Institute, UK

DRS2020 Editorial: Design for Wellbeing, Happiness and Health

Ann Petermans, Hasselt University, Belgium
Anna E. Pohlmeyer, diffferent, Germany
Rebecca Cain, Loughborough University, UK
Pieter Desmet, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Leandro Tonetto, Unisinos University, Brazil
Deger Ozkaramanli, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Marc Hassenzahl, University of Siegen, Germany
Tiuu Poldma, Université de Montréal, Canada
Matthias Laschke, University of Siegen, Germany

DRS2020 Editorial: Design Pedagogy

Derek Jones, The Open University, UK
Liv Meret Nielson, Oslomet, Norway
Ingvild Digranes, Western Norway University of Applied Science, Norway
Nicole Lotz, The Open University, UK
Lesley-Ann Noel, Tulane University, US
Naz A G Z Börekçi, METU, Turkey

DRS2020 Editorial: Designing for Responsible Action in Times of Need – the Design for Behaviour Change SIG

Kristina Niedderer, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

DRS2020 Editorial: Diversity of Design Innovation Management research – the Design Innovation Management SIG

Erik Bohemia, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
Blair Kuys, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

DRS2020 Editorial: Global Health SIG

Emmanuel Tsekleves, ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

DRS2020 Editorial: Inclusive design SIG. A wider context and reflections on theory and education

Hua Dong, Loughborough University, UK

DRS2020 Editorial: OPEN Sig

Tom Fisher, Nottingham Trent University, UK

DRS2020 Editorial: Pluriversal Design SIG

Dr. Renata M. Leitão, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada
Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel, Tulane University, US

DRS2020 Editorial: Synergy and experiential knowledge in collaboration – the Experiential Knowledge SIG

Nithikul Nimkulrat, Faculty of Design, OCAD University, Canada

DRS2020 Editorial: theme Co-creation

Rebecca Cain
Stella Boess

DRS2020 Editorial: theme Education

Rebecca Cain
Stella Boess

DRS2020 Editorial: theme Impacts

Rebecca Cain
Stella Boess

DRS2020 Editorial: theme Processes

Stella Boess
Rebecca Cain

DRS2020 Editorial: theme Situations

Stella Boess
Rebecca Cain

DRS2020: DRS President’s Foreword

Rachel Cooper