Research Papers - ISSN 2398-3132
Monday, June 25th

A Case for Caribbean Design Principles

Debbie-Ann Estwick, Barbados Investment & Development Corporation

A Case Study to Explore Applicability of Creating Shared Value (CSV) into Design Practice

Kyulee Kim, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A Co-Experience Toolkit: investigating the issues of the pavement environment and the relationship with elderly pedestrians

Lulu Yin, Brunel University London
Eujin Pei

A Design Tool to Apply Distributed Manufacturing Principles to Sustainable Product-Service System Development

Aine Petrulaityte, Brunel University London
Fabrizio Ceschin
Eujin Pei
David Harrison

A Framework to Maximise Design Knowledge Exchange

Kathryn Burns, Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, Birmingham City University

A Place to Be or, at Least, a Space to See: a qualitative inquiry on the experience and appreciation of extensive green roofs

Caroline Gagnon, Laval University
Danielle Dagenais
Valérie Côté

A Qualitative Study on Turkish Medical Device Manufacturers and the Attention They Place on Human-Centred Design

Nilay Gulfer Kose, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Abdusselam Selami Cifter

A Study of Roles and Collaboration in the Development of Assistive Devices for People with Disabilities by Clinical Experts and Design Experts

Agnes Jihae Kim, Yonsei University
Jeonghyun Kim
Daeun Hwang
Oseong Kweon

A Study on the Roles of Designers Co-Evolving with Tools

Jeong-Sub Lim, Seoul National University
Eui-Chul Jung

A Survey of Prosthetic Preferences in the UK and Greece

Anna Vlachaki, Loughborough University
Abby M.J. Paterson
Samantha C. Porter
Richard J. Bibb

A Toolkit for Teaching the Design Process: A Case of Korean Elementary School Students

Muhammad Tufail, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology
Seonmi Lee
KwanMyung Kim

A Vocabulary for Visions in Designing for Transitions

Dan Lockton, Carnegie Mellon University
Stuart Candy

Aestheticising Change: simulations of progress

Jocelyn Bailey, University of Birghton
Chad Story

Align and Combine, Customer Journey Mapping and COM-B Analysis to Aid Decision-Making During the Design Process

Olga Elizarova, Mad*Pow
Paul Kahn

“All about Love”: How would bell hooks teach fashion design?

Tanveer Ahmed, The Open University

Ambiguity and Open-Endedness in Behavioural Design

Boudewijn Boon, Delft University of Technology
Marco C. Rozendaal
Pieter Jan Stappers

An Examination of Scholarly Critique in DRS Publications and Its Role as Catalyst for Community Building

Jordan Beck, Pennsylvania State University
Laureline Chiapello

An Ontology of Computational Tools for Design Activities

Philippa Mothersill, MIT Media Lab
V. Michael Bove

Annotated Portfolios as a Method to Analyse Interviews

Marita Sauerwein, Delft University of Technology
Conny Bakker
Ruud Balkenende

Approaches for Capturing and Communicating Individual Narrative Timelines Reflecting Real Life (Retirement)

Chris McGinley, Royal College of Art
Rama Gheerawo
Florie Salnot

Are Traditional NPD Processes Relevant to IoT Product and Service Development Activities? A Critical Examination

Boyeun Lee, Lancaster University
Rachel Cooper
David Hands

Augmenting Low Investment Learning Styles

Kevin Badni, American University of Sharjah

‘Being Cultural’ Versus‘Cultural Beings’ –general design education

Ingvild Digranes, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Being-and-Becoming a Sustainable Practice

Alicen Coddington, Swinburne University of Technology
James Ayers

Beyond Accessible Aisles? Psychosocial Inclusivity of Shopping Experience: an ethnographic investigation

Yonghun Lim, Brunel University London
Joseph Giacomin
Farnaz Nickpour

Bookmaking as Critical and Feminist Practice of Design

Ramia Mazé, Aalto University, Finland

Building Relationships and Sustaining Dialogue Between Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Practitioners: a design evaluation of digital platforms for ventricular assist device users

Jessica Lea Dunn, University of Sydney
Keum Hee Kimmi Ko
Erez Nusem
Karla Straker
Cara Wrigley
Shaun Gregory

Building the Foundation for a Design-Led Ambidexterity in a Medium-SizedTech Company

Niya Stoimenova, Delft University of Technology
Christine de Lille

Card-based Tools for Creative and Systematic Design

Robin Roy, The Open Universit
James Warren

Cascading Mentorship: Designing a Support Tool for Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices

Mackenzie Norman Etherington, University of Sydney
Keum Hee Kimmi Ko
Jessica Lea Dunn
Karla Straker
Erez Nusem
Cara Wrigley
Shaun Gregory

Catalysing Pathway Creation for Transition Governance

Sampsa Hyysalo, Aalto University
Sofi Perikangas
Tatu Marttila
Karoliina Auvinen

Challenges in Barbadian Design Education – When Graphic Design & Product Development Collide

Shelly Mayers, Barbados Community College

Change Matters: theories of postdigital textiles and material design

Elaine Igoe, University of Portsmouth

Changes in Design Research: sources and methods of idea generation in industrial design

Ying Sun, Dresden University of Technology
Sander Münster
Carlo Michael Sommer

Co-creating Happy Moments: A Case Study of Designing for People with Mental Health Challenges

Hong Li, University of Lapland
Yiyun Zha
Jie Zhao

Co-creation in Professional Craft Practice

Camilla Groth, University College of Southeast Norway
Arild Berg

Co-designing Behaviour Change in Healthcare

Kieran John, Monash University
Daphne Flynn
Mark Armstrong

Co-designing Wellbeing: the commonality of needs between co-designers and mental health service users

Laura Warwick, Northumbria University
Alexandra Tinning
Neil Smith
Robert Young

Co-Located Team Designing: the oscillation between individual and social processes

Bo T. Christensen, Copenhagen Business School
Sille Julie J. Abdilgaard

Combining Craft and Digital Tools in Design Education for the General Public

Ingri Strand, OsloMet –Oslo Metropolitan University
Liv Merete Nielsen

Combining Practices in Craft and Design

Micheal Nitsche, Georgia Institute of Technology
Clement Zheng

Contemporary Automotive Infotainment Solutions to Empower Front-Seat Passengers

Guzin Sen, University of Liverpool
Bahar Sener
Mike Jump

Critical Placemaking: towards a more critical engagement for participatory design in the urban environment

Tania Allen, North Carolina State University
Sara Glee Queen

Critique and Post-Critique in Social Innovation Projects: between speculation and realism

Sissel Olander, Danish Academy’s School of Design, KADK

Culture-Orientated Food Design for Social Issue

Yinman Guo, School of Design, Hunan University, China
Tie Ji

Data Exploration for Generative Design Research

Peter Kun, Delft University of Technology
Ingrid Mulder
Gerd Kortuem

Data Sensification: beyond representation modality, toward encoding data in experience

Trevor Hogan, Cork Insitute of Technology

Data Streams, Data Seams: Toward a seamful representationof data interoperability

Sarah Inman, University of Washington
David Ribes

Desert Drawing: from pigment to (Apple) pencil

Nicola St John, Swinburne University of Technology

Design as a Catalyst for Sustainability Transitions

Ayşe İdil Gaziulusoy, Aalto University
Elif Erdoğan Öztekin

Design Capability in a Software SME: report from an embedded design innovation catalyst

Sjoerd J.B.M. Bastiaansen, Delft University of Technology
Rebecca Anne Price
Pascalle C.M. Govers
Tjeerd M. Machielsen

Design Expertise in Public and Social Innovation

Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, University of Technology Sydney
Bridget Malcolm

Design for Future Retailing: an investigation into the changing status of city-basedretailers in the UK

Yujia Huang, Lancaster University
David Hands

Design for Multi-Dimensional Stages of Lymphoedema Self-Management

Teksin Kopanoglu, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Design for Profit or Prosper

Else Skjold, Design School Kolding
Frederik Larsen

Design for Self-inclusion: supporting emotional capability

Stella Boess, Delft University of Technology

Design in Healthcare: challenges and opportunities

Erez Nusem, University of Sydney

Design Insights and Opportunities from a Field Study to Digitally Enhance Microcredit Practices in Brazil

Heloisa Candello, IBM Research, Brazil
David Millen
Claudio Pinhanez
Silvia Bianchi

Design Justice: towards an intersectional feminist framework for design theory and practice

Sasha Costanza-Chock, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Design Probes for People with Dementia

Julia Anne Garde, University of Twente
Mascha Cécile van der Voort
Kristina Niedderer

Design Processes and Co-Activity in Design Education

Randi Veiteberg Kvellestad, Oslo Metropolitan University

Design Research Opportunities in the Internet of Health Things: a review of reviews

Emmanuel Tsekleves, Lancaster University
Rachel Cooper

Designerly Activity Theory: toward a new ontology for design research

Mithra Zahedi, University of Montreal
Verginie Tessier

Designers by Any Other Name: exploring the sociomaterial practices of vernacular garment menders

Marium Durrani, Aalto University

Designer’s Emotions in the Design Process

Monica Biagioli, University of Arts London
Silvia Grimaldi
Hena Ali

Designing for Lifelong Sports Experience

Armağan Karahanoğlu, University of Twente
Thomas Van Rompay
Geke Ludden

Designing Idea Management Tools: three challenges

Nanna Inie, Aarhus University
Peter Dalsgaard
Steven Dow

Designing InWith Black Box Technologies and PD

Arthi Manohar, Northumbria University
Jo Briggs

Designing Machines with Autonomy: from independence to interdependence to solidarity

Yuxi Liu, The University of Edinburgh
Larissa Pschetz

Designing Play Equipment for Children with Cerebral Palsy: the context and design guidelines

Ganna Borzenkova, University of Wolverhampton
Kristina Niedderer
Tunde Rozsahegyi

Designing with Meaningful Data: Deep personalisation in the air travel context

Mengqi Yuan, Alibaba Group
Rebecca Price
Jeroen Erp
Jorge Andres Osorio Socha

Determinant Moments for the Design Management Occurrence in Fashion Industry

Cláudia de Souza Libânio, Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre/UFCSPA
Fernando Gonçalves Amaral
Sérgio Almeida Migowski

Developing a Design Toolkit for the Internet of Things

Ilaria Vitali, Politecnico di Milano
Venanzio Arquilla

Developing Chilean Teaching Capability Through Design Thinking

Catalina Cortés, Universidad del Desarrollo
Úrsula Bravo
Maritza Rivera
María Jesús Honorato
Peter Lloyd
Derek Jones

Digital, Analog, Discursive: knowledge practices and sense-making in design-build architecture

Claire Nicolas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Discovery DiDIY. An Immersive Gamified Activity to Explore the Potentialities of Digital Technology

Marita Canina, Politecnico di Milano
Carmen Bruno

Distinctions Between the Communication of Experiential and Academic Design Knowledge: a linguistic analysis

Yubo Kou, Purdue University
Colin M. Gray

Do Professionals with Different Backgrounds Use Distinct Thinking Styles When Designing a Product?

Roberta Rech Mandelli, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos)
Valentina Marques Rosa
Flavio Sanson Fogliatto
Priscila Brust-Renck
Leandro Miletto Tonetto

Do-It-Yourself Medical Devices: exploring their potential futures through design fiction

Michael Stead, Lancaster University
Paul Coulton
Joseph Lindley

Does Feedback from This Device Change Unhealthy habits? Lessons from my PhD project

Sander Hermsen, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Drawing as Notational Thinking in Architectural Design

Otto Paans, Technische Universität Berlin
Ralf Pasel

Drawing to See / Drawn to Seeing: Multimodal Reinterpretation in an Autonomous Drawing Machine

Scott Penman, MIT Design Lab

DRS Conferences: barometer and mirror of theoretical reflection of design discipline

Alejandra Poblete, Universidad Technológica Metropolitana

Embodied Design Methods as Catalyst for Industrial Service Design

Titta Jylkäs, University of Lapland
Essi Kuure

Embodied Knowledge in a Community Adaptive Practice

Sucharita Beniwal, National Intitute of Design, Ahmedabad, India

Encouraging Physical Activity and Self-Enhancement in Women with Breast Cancer Through a Smart Bra

Daphne Menheere, Eindhoven University of Technology
Carl Megens
Erik van der Spek
Steven Vos

Engaging Qualities: factors affecting learner attention in online design studios

Nicole Lotz, The Open University
Derek Jones
Georgy Holden

Entangling, Oscillating, Frilux-ing: branding the art of design

Sumit Pandey, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo

Ethical Issues in Designing Interventions for Behavioural Change

Gyuchan Thomas Jun, Loughborough University
Fernando Carvalho
Neil Sinclair

Ethics in Design: pluralism and the case for justice in inclusive design

Matteo Bianchin, Università di Milano-Bicocca
Ann Heylighen

Evaluating Inclusivity using Quantitative Personas

Joy Goodman-Deane, University of Cambridge, UK
Sam Waller
Dana Demin
Arantxa González-de-Heredia
Mike Bradley
John P. Clarkson

Examining the Professional Codes of Design Organisations

Peter Buwert, Edinburgh Napier University

Experiential Characterization of Materials: toward a toolkit

Serena Camera, Delft Universit of Technology
Elvin Karana

Exploring Lost and Found in Future Images of EnergyTransitions: towards a bridging practice of provoking and affirming design

Mia Hesselgren, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Elina Eriksson
Josefin Wangel
Loove Broms

Exploring the Interaction Between Lighting Variables and Information Transfer as a New Function of Lighting

Jun Daeun, Maker Lab Seoul
Kim Chajoong
Cho Kwangmin

Exploring the Pop-up Shop for Co-design Research

Anja Overdiek, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Formgiving to Feminist Futures as Design Activism

Maryam Heidaripour, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology
Laura Forlano

Fostering Commonfare. Entanglements Between Participatory Design and Feminism

Mariacristina Sciannamblo, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute
Peter Lyle
Maurizio Teli

From Wicked Problem to Design Problem: developing actionable briefs and solution opportunities through a collaborative, multidisciplinary design-led approach

Mark Bailey, Director of Learning and Teaching, Northumbria University
Nick Spencer
Emmanouil Chatzakis
Kate Lampitt Adey
Nate Sterling
Neil Smith

Good Design-Driven Innovation

Ehsan Baha, Delft University of Technology
Gray Dawdy
Nick Sturkenboom
Rebecca Price
Dirk Snelders

Graphic Design Research: a cause for the concerned

Robert George Harland, Loughborough University
James Corazzo
Ian Gwilt
Alison Honnor
Steve Rigley

Have I Got a Proposition for You: Developing the capability for compelling arguments through rhetorical practice inthe design studio

Veronika Kelly, University of South Australia
Myra Thiessen

Healthy Self-Management Communities by Design

Liren Tan, National Healthcare Group, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Sweet Fun Wong
Zhide Loh
Wei Chung Lee

Heart Sense: experiments in design as a catalyst for feminist reflections on embodiment

Nassim JafariNaimi, School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech
Anne Pollock

Heuristics for selecting and using behavioural design methods

Nynke Tromp, Delft University of Technology
Reint Jan Renes
Jaap Daalhuizen

Horse, Butler or Elevator? Metaphors and enactment as a catalyst for exploring interaction with autonomous technology

Helena Strömberg, Chalmers University of Technology
Ingrid Pettersson
Wendy Ju

How Consumers Read the Visual Presentation of Food Packaging Design in a Cross-cultural Context: a conceptual framework and case study

Linna Hu, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, China
Hua Dong

How Design Thinking Offers Strategic Value to Micro-Enterprises

Lee Gaynor, Institute of Technology, Carlow
Hilary Dempsey
P.J. White

How Emerging Technologies Influence Designing – The Case of Conversational Agents and Interaction Design

Connor Ward, Indiana University Bloomington
Erik Stolterman
Jordan Beck

How Materials Support Conceptual Blending in Ideation

Michael Mose Biskjaer, Aarhus University
Aron Fischel
Graham Dove
Kim Halskov

I-Wonder-How:A Method for Co-designing with Children in Design Education

Sila Umulu, Middle East Technical University
Fatma Korkut

ICS Materials. Towards a Re-Interpretation of Material Qualities Through Interactive, Connected, and Smart Materials.

Stefano Parisi, Politecnico di Milano
Valentina Ragnoli
Davide Spallazzo
Daniela Petrelli

Identifying the User in an Informal Trade Ecosystem

Niti Bhan, Emerging Futures Lab
Rinku Gajera

Innovation Development in Norwegian Public Schools. The relationship between innovation, creativity and imagination

Jorid Vittersø, Oslo Metropolitan University
Janne Beate Reitan

Introducing Design-Driven Innovation into Brazilian MSMEs: barriers and next challenges of design support

Mariana Fonseca Braga, Politecnico di Milano
Fransesco Zurlo

Investigating Perceptions Related to Technology Acceptance & Stigma of Wearable Robotic Assistive Devices by Older Adults - Preliminary Findings

Linda Shore, University of Limerick
Adam De Eyto
Leonard O'Sullivan

Journey Towards an Irish Design Strategy

Anna Whicher, PDR – Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Alex Milton

Learning from Feminist Critiques of and Recommendations for Industrial Design

Isabel Prochner, Université de Montréal
Anne Marchand

Living Labs in Co-Creation and Sustainability as Strategies for Design Education

Najla Mouchrek, Virginia Tech
Lia Krucken

Matching Data and Emotions for Designing Personalized Digital Experiences

Myrthe Montijn, Delft University of Technology
Giulia Calabretta
Jeroen van Erp

Materials Liaisons: facilitating communication in Design-Driven Material Innovation (DDMI) projects

Rosie Hornbuckle, University of the Arts London

Mentian: Developing Design Fiction for Dementia Policy

Andy Darby, Lancaster University
Emmanuel Tsekleves

Methods Across Borders: reflections of using design-led qualitative methods in Burkina Faso

Adolphe Yemtim, International Development Consultant – Burkina Faso
Achille Sévérin Lebongo Onana
Charlotte Ray
Jamie Cross
Craig Martin
Arno G. Verhoeven

Mybias: A web-based Tool to Overcome Designers’ Biases in Heterogeneous Design Teams

Francesca Mattioli, Politecnico di Milano
Silvia Deborah Ferraris
Venere Ferraro
Lucia Rosa Elena Rampino

Natural Materials – Nature of Materials

Damla Tonuk, Nottingham Trent University
Tom Fisher

Numeral Legibility and Visual Complexity

Sofie Beier, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Jean-Baptiste Bernard
Eric Castet

Olivetti’s New Canaan Electronic Laboratory: when design meets computing

ROCHA João, University of Évora

On Connecting Form: explorations of a drawing method

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, KU Leuven

‘One Over, One Under’: a dialogue between design and craft

Can Atlay, Istanbul Bilgi University
Gizem Öz

Orienteering design through data: The data-driven design model

Juan Carlo Quiñones Gómez, Universidad de Málaga

Overcoming Design Fixation in Idea Generation

Keelin Leahy, University of Limerick
Colleen Seifert
Shanna Daly
Seda McKilligan

Paradigm Shift in Design Education: An overview on issues and possibilities for change

Hugo Rocha, UNIDCOM/IADE -Universidade Europeia
A.M. Ferreira
Manhães Jefferson

Pedagogic Power-Tools: knowing what was and what is, for what will be

Glen O'Sullivan, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design + Technology

Pedagogical Design Research for University Police Uniforms

Brooke Brandewie, University of Cincinnati
Injoo Kim
Myoung-Ok Kim
Robin Engel
Kevin Karpiak

Persona Development in the Public Domain? Challenges to tackle

Amber Ronteltap, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Andrea Bukman
Martha De Jonge
Eric Roscam Abbing

Perspective: the gist of public tender for service design

Seungho Park-Lee, Aalto University
Oscar Person

Philosophy of Technology x Design: the practical turn

Wouter Eggink, University of Twente
Steven Dorrestijn

Platform Ethics in Technology: What Happens to the User?

Anuradha Reddy, Malmö University
Maria Hellström Reimer

Point of View Framework: describing the audience’s emotional connection to information design artifacts

Soojin Jun, Yonsei University

Post-Series Design: a tool for catalysing the diffusion of personalisable design

Viktor Malakuczi, Sapienza University of Rome
Loredana Di Lucchio
Alex Coppola
Ainee Alamo Avila

Prototyping Multispecies Environments: attentiveness and friction as modes of knowing

Martin Tironi, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. and Goldsmiths, University of London
Pablo Hermansen

Puerto Rico 2054: design pedagogy in a time of crisis

Lesley-Ann Noel, University of the West Indies
María de Mater O'Neill

Rational Overrides: Influence Behaviour Beyond Nudging

Anne van Lieren, Delft University of Technology
Giulia Calabretta
Jan Schoormans

Re-framing Product Circularity from a User Perspective

Anneli Selvefors, Chalmers University of Technology
Oskar Rexfelt
Helena Strömberg
Sara Renström

Recognizing and Overcoming the Myths of Modernity

Renata Leitao, OCAD University, Toronto

Redesigning Migrant Children’s Education Through Service Design in Shanghai

Gao Bo, Tongji University
Deng Qing

Reframing Design Problems Within Women’s Health

Sarah Homewood, IxD Lab, IT University of Copenhagen

Regimes of Digital Quantification: making data-driven decisions?

Martin Tironi, Universidad Católica de Chile
Matías Valderrama

Reinventing Graphic Design Software by Bridging the Gap Between Graphical User Interfaces and Programming

Nolwenn Maudet, The University of Tokyo

Repurposing Digital Methods for Human-Centered Design

Donato Ricci, Sciences Po
Agata Brilli
Roberta Tassi

Requests from Companies and Requirements for Design Education in Brazil: where do they meet?

Paulo Roberto Nicoletti Dziobczenski, Aalto University
Oscar Person
Leandro Miletto Tonetto
Roberta Rech Mandelli

Research-Through-Design: Exploring a design-based research paradigm through its ontology, epistemology, and methodolog

C. Grey Isley, North Carolina State University
Traci Rider

Responding to Diversity Including Disability

René Sørensen Overby, Aalborg University
Camilla Ryhl

Responsive Knit: the evolution of a programmable material system

Jane Scott, The University of Leeds

RTD in Landscape Architecture: a first State of the Art

Sanda Lenzholzer, Wageningen University
João Cortesão

Scenes of Writing

Anne Burdick, ArtCenter College of Design and University of Technology Sydney

Seeking for Diversity among Young Users: the case of children's photography

Sedef Süner, Middle East Technical University
Çiğdem Erbuğ

Service Fictions Through Actant Switching

Sarah-Marie Foley, Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Lockton

Shifting Towards a User-Centred Approach for Resource-Efficient Building: lessons from an educational study

Ann Bosserez, Hasselt University
Griet Verbeeck
Jasmien Herssens

Smart Citizenship: designing the interaction between citizens and smart cities

Priscilla Ferronato, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Stan Ruecker

Social Hierarchy in Design and Social Innovation: perspectives from Thailand

Cyril Tjahja, Northumbria University
Joyce Yee

Social Innovation by Design in Mobile Healthcare for Sleep Disorders

Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson, University of Nîmes

Socio-Cultural Factors in Diabetes Care in South Korea

Young-ae Hahn, Yonsei University

Soma-Wearable Design: Integrating Somaesthetic Practice and Fashion Design for Somatic Wellbeing

Heekyoung Jung, University of Cincinnati
Anna Ståhl

Structuring Roles in Research Through Design Collaboration

Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Delft University of Technology

Surfing for Inspiration: digital inspirational material in design practice

Janin Koch, Aalto University
Magda László
Andrés Lucero
Antti Oulasvirta

Sustainable Fashion Practices in the Soviet Union?

Simona Veilande, Art Academy of Latvia

Tacit Synthesis: typography as research

Jilian Coorey, Kent State University
Aoife Mooney

Taking Care of Issues of Concern: feminist possibilities and the curation of Speculative and Critical Design

Sarah Pennington, Goldsmiths, University of London

Tegelen: supporting individual and group reflection through a dynamic, structured and tangible tool

Yasemin Arslan, Eindhoven University of Technology
Caroline Hummels

Textile Waste and Haptic Feedback for Wearable Robotics

Hellen van Rees, Hellen van Rees, The Netherlands
Angelika Mader
Merlijn Smits
Geke Ludden
Valérie Lamontagne

The Beauty of Making Hot Chocolate - an enquiry on designing for everyday rituals

Pierre Lévy, Eindhoven University of Technology

The Co-archiving Toolbox – Designing conditions for diversity in public archives

Elisabet M. Nilsson, Interaction Design at Malmö University
Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansen

The Critical Design Exhibition: an epistemic space

Gillian Russell, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Canada

The Design and Social Enterprise Ecosystem: How can design be applied to a developing social enterprise ecosystem?

Kwon Hyejin, Brunel University London
Choi Youngok
Lam Busayawan

The Design Laboratory. A Review of Five Design Education Programmes

Gert Hasenhütl, Academy of fine Arts Vienna

The Emerging Transition Design Approach

Terry Irwin, Carnegie Mellon University

The Ethics and Values of Visual Communication Strategies in European Advertisements in 21st Century Western and Islamic Culture

Ilze Loza, Art Academy of Latvia

The Fashion Collection Recalibrated - A Design Tool Furthering Sustainable Strategies

Ulla Ræbild, Design School Kolding
Anne Louise Bang

The Future of Heuristic Fossils

Simon T. Downs, Loughborough University
Claire A. Lerpiniere

The Ideas Café: engaging the public in design research

Arun Ulahannan, University of Warwick
Rebecca Cain
Gunwant Dhadyalla
Paul Jennings
Stewart Birrell
Mike Waters

The Interconnected Process of Design and Science: a method for mapping concepts and knowledge

Carol Azzam, The University of Sydney
Karla Straker
Cara Wrigley

The Rhetorical Appeals in Interaction Design: decolonizing design for people of collectivist culture

Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya / Clemson University

The Road to Happiness is Paved with Playful Intentions

Jesper Legaard, Design School Kolding

The Role of the Designer in Public Discourse –A critical discourse analysis of a medical brochure for diabetes patients

Julia Jacoby, Oslo Metropolitan University

The Role(s) of Process Models in Design Practice

Søren Iversen, Spires United
Mads Kunø
Peter Vistisen

The Search of the Unpredictable – the Process of Drawing

Michael Renner, The Basel School of Design HGK FHNW

The Use of Philosophical Theories in Design: AResearch-Through-Design Case of Treatment Compliance

Jonne van Belle, University of Twente
Bob Giesberts
Wuter Eggink

The View from Within: Design’s Voyage to Get a Seat at the Strategy Table

Suzan Boztepe, Malmö University

Three Arguments About the Current State of Scientific Design Process Theories

Jordan Beck, Pennsylvania State University
Erik Stolterman

Toward a More Granular Management of the Calibration Process for Hearing Devices: the role of design-based knowledge translation

Luca Simeone, Aalborg University and Vianet srl
Lorenzo Picinali
Alisan Atvur

Towards a Circular Economy: exploring factors to repair broken electrical and electronics products by users with pro-environmental inclination

Marie Lefebvre, Loughborough University
Vicky Lofthouse
Garrath Wilson

Training the Next Generation of Designers for a Sustainable Future: Action Research on the Circular Design Internship

Yekta Bakirlioğlu, University of Limerick
Muireann McMahon
Adam de Eyto
Manon Rio

Transdisciplinary Doctorates in the Making Disciplines

Anne Solberg, University of Southeast Norway

Transformative Learning: co-design with communities’ collective imagery as data for social innovation

Priscilla Cheung-Nainby, University of Edinburgh
John Lee

Transition Design: teaching and learning

Stacie Rohrbach, Carnegie Mellon University
Molly Steenson

Transition-oriented Futuring: integrated design fordecreased consumption amongst millennials

Swati Srivastava, University of Oslo
Alma Leora Culén

Turning Philosophy with a Speculative Lathe: object-oriented ontology, carpentry, and design fiction

Joseph Lindley, Imagination, Lancaster University
Paul Coulton
Haider Ali Akmal

Understanding Design as a Catalyst to Engage Remote Couples in Designing for Long-Distance Relationships

Hong Li, University of Lapland

Understanding How Design Action Plans Support the Strategic Use of Design

Emilene Zitkus, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Jea Hoo Na
Martin Evans
Andrew Walters
Anna Whicher
Rachel Cooper

Understanding Situated Energy Values in Rural Kenya

Larissa Pschetz, Centre for Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh
Catherine Magill
Jamie Cross
Dan van der Horst

Understanding the Evaluation of New Products Through a Dual-Process Perspective

Anders Haug, University of Southern Denmark

User Empowerment by Design: a new domestic electricity consumption model. A case study of young urban tenants

Sagit Dominitz, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Elad Persov

Using Design Competencies to Define Curricula and Support Learners

John Fass, London College of Communication
Job Rutgers
Mo-Ling Chui

Using Dynamic Capabilities in an Actionable Tool as a Vehicle to Initiate Design-Driven Innovation

Barenda Klitsie, Delft University of Technology
Rebecca Price
Christine De Lille

Using Heterotopias to Characterise Interactions in Physical/Digital Spaces

Haider Ali Akmal, Lancaster University
Paul Coulton

Using the Product Impact Tool for Prospective Thinking

Thomas Raub, University of Twente
Steven Dorrestijn
Wouter Eggink

Visual Materiality: crafting a new viscosity

Maria Engberg, Malmö University
Henrik Svarrer Larsen

Whole-to-Part-to-Whole: Co-Evolutionary and Integrative Design Approach

Hernan Casakin, Ariel University
Yoram Ginsburg

Why We Need Engineers to Make Art

Giovanni Innella, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Paul A. Rodgers